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Pure Precision

To meet the demands of the white-hot semiconductor industry, manufacturers need machining and welding solutions that accelerate fabrication, eliminate contamination, and generate repeatable results with flawless precision. 


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Highest level of purity and precision

With the rapid growth in the demand for digital technologies, manufacturing high-quality semiconductors is becoming progressively more challenging. Computer chips are shrinking in size. Yield expectations are rising. And fabrication facilities are increasing in complexity and purity certification requirements.   

At Tri Tool, we are raising the bar in ultra-high purity welding and semiconductor machining applications. For over 49 years, we have partnered with the top semiconductor manufacturers to provide PurposeBuilt and custom machining tools and rental and service solutions that increase productivity and meet stringent purity and quality standards. 

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, we offer ready-access to a wide range of tools and can quickly develop custom engineered solutions to meet your precise project requirements for machining, fabrication, and pipe and tube welding at semiconductor fabrication facilities. With top-quality equipment and a national network of highly skilled technicians, we are always available to help you get the job done faster, with pure precision.  

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Built with reliability and for performance, day in and day out. PurposeBuilt machines are the workhorses that get things done 
Product Configurator

Product Configurator

Find the right tool, right now for your weld-prep needs. Our Product Configurator makes it easy.

Custom Machining

Custom-engineered to solve unique problems, custom machining solutions provide the highest degree of performance and quality. 

Semiconductor Case Study

Semiconductor Machining Case Study

Therma improves efficiency of high-purity process piping for semiconductor cleanroom with custom fitting machine from Tri Tool 

Based in the high-tech ground zero of Silicon Valley and with offices in Southern California, Therma is a full-service design-build specialty mechanical services provider that focuses on complex HVAC systems and high-purity process piping and controls for cleanrooms, laboratories, and high-tech manufacturing facilities. Therma provides engineering, estimation, design, building information modeling, energy modeling, design-build, specialty HVAC and pipe fabrication, modular skid and process controls, pre-fabrication and installation work for general contractors, construction managers and owners in the technology, biopharmaceutical, data center, semiconductor and other industries with complex mechanical requirements. 

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Our tool configurator will walk you through the process of selecting the proper tool.

Semiconductor News

Tri Tool pledges $1 million to Workshops for Warriors, helping veterans pursue manufacturing careers

Each year, many of the more than 200,000 people leaving the U.S. military struggle to find meaningful, living-wage careers in the civilian workforce. Veterans are 37% more likely to be underemployed than non veterans. Tri Tool is helping Workshops for Warriors change that.

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Make or Break: A New Way of Thinking About Precision Machining Safety

How machining automation can significantly reduce workplace injuries and workers' compensation claims.

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Tri Tool develops and launches the world's most compact, rugged, and agile tube squaring tool

Tri Tool has announced today the development and launch of the new 300STS Series the world's most compact, rugged, and agile tube squaring tool. Designed to provide the optimal combination of precision, power and portability, the new 300STS Series helps machinists do more with less.

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As more semiconductor manufacturing moves to the U.S., major companies and contractors are using Tri Tool's 300 Series tube squaring machines

The United States was once the global leader in semiconductor manufacturing with a huge number of U.S. firms owning and operating fabs that not only served domestic electronics manufacturers but manufacturers worldwide.

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Recover tooling costs with Tri Tool's easy, cost-effective Resharp Program

In industries that demand high-purity welding, like semiconductor and life sciences, using fresh, sharp, tool bits with a good leading edge is the key to obtaining repeatable machining precision with high-performance. At Tri Tool, we offer a Resharp Program that provides special coatings and..

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