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How We Operate

Driven by leadership, innovation and partnership

Who We Are

Tri Tool is a global leader in the design of high-performance machine tools.  More importantly, we design solutions and are problem solvers. We are uncompromising in our dedication to our clients’ success and operate with leadership, partnership, and performance at the forefront of every mission. Meet our leadership team.

Our Core Values

We do the right thing and make decisions in the best interest of our clients — even when it's not easy, and even when no one is looking.  
We maintain a culture and work environment that values safe behaviors. Through this approach, we deliver safe products and services that reduce risk for our clients and our employees
We hold ourselves accountable and deliver our products and services as promised.  
We embrace the challenge and uncertainty of solving problems in new ways; and foster a work environment where creative thinking is encouraged.   

What Fuels Us


Our unique leadership approach generates synergy, accountability and productivity within the team.  The result is we are relied upon as the “1st call” by clients, as we have the track record of solving tough challenges. 


We insist on the highest standards of performance, precision and durability.  We accomplish this by listening and engaging with our customers, suppliers and Tri Tool team members.  This drives innovation into our products, processes and general approach to business.  We employ advanced engineering tools which deliver Purpose-Built solutions, ensuring the “right tool for the job”.  That customer engagement coupled with advanced engineering tools drives MissionBuilt solutions to our customers’ difficult challenges.  Our unique machining and manufacturing capabilities solve those “hard to manufacture” needs presented with our customer’s challenges. 


We are a trusted partner to industry leaders looking to solve complex problems.  Our integrated approach ensures mission success versus just selling equipment.  We deliver safe, reliable and efficient solutions to your operations.  Tri Tool’s “Full Circle Support” means we are fully engaged from the initial RFP stage through design/manufacturing and post-delivery training and support. 

Why We Exist

  • To be your “first call” trusted partner, not just a vendor on your bid list 
  • To innovate with technology leaders 
  • To over deliver. We’ll hop on a plane Saturday morning to deliver mission-critical equipment for an emergency job — that’s just how we operate. 
  • To save valuable schedule time 

Our History

Five Decades of Service to Industry

Tri Tool’s history begins in 1972 being co-founded by Dr. George J. Wernette, a local general surgeon who teamed up with a welder and machinist to design, build, and sell the first Tri Tool product. This original tool was designed for the construction of the Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant in California. 

Building our first products in a garage, Tri Tool’s corporate facilities now encompass a 128,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and has three locations strategically placed throughout the United States.  The company remains privately held.  The entrepreneurial spirit Dr. Wernette instilled early on are still present in everything we do to innovate and solve our customer’s needs. 

  • 1970’s – Tri Tool revolutionizes the Power Generation market by introducing the world's first cold cutting ID mounted Pipe Beveling lathe allowing utlities to rapidly replace steam path piping.
  • 1980’s – The Oil & Gas market is forever changed after introduction of the first Tri Tool OD Mounted Clamshell Lathe, radically reducing the amount of manual labor required to build out underwater and land-based pipeline infrastructure. 
  • 1990’s – Tri Tool partners with leading metallurgists from California's top technical schools to develop specialized tool steels for our customers.  The resulting Durabit continues to lead the world in long lasting precision tool bits. 
  • 2000’s – The PipeMaster Pipeline Facing Machine (PFM) invented by Tri Tool to aid the rapid expansion of the Offshore Oil and Gas industry and defined the standard in PFM equipment design. 
  • 2010's – Introduced the world's first portable 7-Axis Deep Counterboring machine that automatically aligns itself to the pipe end center point and utilizes a gravity fed system to ensure safety of the operator.
  • 2020's – The competition for cost-effective rocket development continues to push the boundaries of precision machining as Tri Tool introduces machines that mechanically divide exotic alloys at the atomic level.  We are extremely proud of our MissionBuilt solutions and continue to serve our customers on the cutting edge. 

What's your next mission?

Our solutions experts are here to help. Let Tri Tool get to work.