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Agility at Your Command

When mission readiness is mission critical, you need a partner that can deliver custom engineering and precision machining solutions with mission responsiveness.


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Enhancing Performance and Improving Readiness
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Today, the U.S. Government must respond to ever-evolving challenges. From the repair shop to the frontlines, U.S. military and defense organizations need absolute precision, control, and confidence in their machinery and equipment. Production must become faster, maintenance more streamlined, and performance has to be second-to-none. 

At Tri Tool, we understand urgency and perfection and we respond accordingly for our federal customers and contractors. For over 49 years, we have designed, developed, and manufactured custom engineered tools and precision machining solutions for the U.S. government in record-time.  

Whether your project is under high security clearance, involves extremely tight tolerances, or set in a nuclear environment, our MissionBuilt™ tools, field services, and highly skilled engineering support get the job done fast with uncompromising safety and precision, so you can be mission-ready on all fronts, at all times. 

MissionBuilt Solutions

MissionBuilt Solutions

Custom-engineered to solve unique problems, MissionBuilt solutions provide the highest degree of performance and quality. 

Field Services

By leveraging our high quality PurposeBuilt machines and MissionBuilt engineering solutions, our highly skilled service technicians deploy quickly, saving you time and money.
Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Built with reliability and for performance, day in and day out. PurposeBuilt machines are the workhorses that get things done. 

Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals

Traditional and subscription rental models ensure you have the right tool at the right time. 

Government Case Study


Norfolk Naval Shipyard uses a custom, all-in-one low-profile clamshell from Tri Tool to rapidly and safely repair a critical component onboard nuclear-powered vessels.

While conducting routine maintenance onboard a nuclear-powered vessel, the service team at Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) encountered a tee with elbows and a reducer on both sides that had failed and needed to be replaced. To save the tee and everything downstream, NNSY needed a solution that could mount on the tee, perform chipless cutting and J-prep, and offer easy set-up to enable operators to get in and out of the nuclear environment as quickly as possible.

Discover how Tri Tool customized the 8855 low-profile clamshell to create a unique solution that could sever, roller cut, counterbore, and J-prep bevel with a single structural set-up.

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Government News

U.S. naval shipyards use Tri Tool PurposeBuilt solutions for precision beveling and cutting in routine fleet maintenance

The U.S. Navy is continuously looking for ways to improve and modernize maintenance processes to enable faster submarine and aircraft repairs for greater availability. For decades, U.S. naval shipyards have used Tri Tool's standard, PurposeBuilt equipment product...

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Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program depends upon Tri Tool's precision machining capabilities to support its aircraft carrier and submarine fleet

The Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP) is a division within the Naval Nuclear Laboratory that designs, builds, operates, maintains, and manages the nuclear-powered warships and facilities that support the U.S. nuclear-powered Naval fleet.

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Tri Tool announces Mandi Higley as the Head of People & Culture

On January 18, 2021, Tri Tool announced that Mandi Higley has been appointed as the Head of People & Culture, a new department within Tri Tool focused on maximizing employee value, developing dynamic talent acquisition strategies

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