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Deep Expertise

In the volatile oil and gas industry, you need a proven and reliable partner who goes deep to solve your toughest challenges —whether on land, offshore, or subsea


Pipeline Technique, LLC

Refining high productivity and precision in oil and gas
Oil and Gas

The ever-volatile oil and gas industry faces particularly challenging requirements for machined components to meet evolving supply targets. Equipment is getting larger and heavier. Tolerances are getting tighter. And surface finishes are becoming finer.  

For over 49 years, Tri Tool has worked closely with leading oil, gas, offshore and pipeline contractors to produce the most rugged and dependable pipe facing machines, internal weld alignment clamps and state-of-the-art multi-process, programmable orbital welding systems available. The result is that top petroleum producers, offshore fabrication, and pipeline contractors are selecting our field-proven equipment for the world’s largest projects. 

We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer with a global network of field machining and welding technicians. Project planners and managers trust Tri Tool Services to ensure they have the appropriate on-site staffing levels with the specialized experience and equipment needed to keep projects on time and budget.  


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Built with reliability and for performance, day in and day out. PurposeBuilt machines are the workhorses that get things done. 

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Traditional and subscription rental models ensure you have the right tool at the right time.

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By leveraging our high quality PurposeBuilt machines and MissionBuilt engineering solutions, our highly skilled service technicians deploy quickly, saving you time and money. 

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Custom-engineered to solve unique problems, MissionBuilt solutions provide the highest degree of performance and quality. 

Oil and Gas News

Orano USA partners with Tri Tool to develop a custom engineered solution to remotely sever underwater jet pump diffusers in Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor vessel

In 2014, the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station permanently shut down. Orano USA, a leading technology and services provider for decommissioning nuclear energy facilities, was tasked in Phase 1 of the decommissioning project to depose a portion of the nuclear reactor pressure vessel and remove 20

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The Next Wave of Energy: How Tri Tool Is Supporting Hydrogen Infrastructure Development

Already a rapidly developing sector, hydrogen storage and transport can benefit from Tri Tool's expertise in power generation machining and pipeline construction.

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Top 5 ways the oil and gas sector can cut time, labor and costs in pipeline maintenance and construction

The future of oil and gas is now. With the sector playing a fundamental role in the global transition to clean energy, oil and gas companies must adopt new pipeline equipment and operational strategies that can fuel higher performance.

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Tri Tool Opens Oil & Gas Headquarters in Houston

As the Energy Capital of the World, Houston is home to one of the most demanding oil and gas and power generation markets in the country. To keep assets churning and earning, Texas power producers must minimize downtime, shorten maintenance schedules, and optimize performance.

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Alex Muhs Promoted to Head of Operations at Tri Tool

Tri Tool has announced Alex Muhs as a member of Tri Tool's Strategic Leadership Team, where he will serve as Head of Operations, leading the Manufacturing Operations group consisting of machining, assembly, quality assurance, production planning, maintenance, and environment safety and health.

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Oil & Gas Case Study

Oil & Gas Field

To support Shell Oil’s Appomattox project—the deepest oil field exploration project in the Gulf of Mexico—Tri Tool develops revolutionary 7-axis deep counterbore system 

With ever-increasing worldwide demand for petroleum and continually rising energy costs, there has been a serious need to exploit oil and gas reserves located in rich deep-water deposits. In July 2015, Shell Oil began construction of the Appomattox project, the largest floating platform to ever be constructed in the Gulf of Mexico capable of producing 175,000 barrels of oil per day. Not only was the new Appomattox project going deeper to produce oil, the increased depth meant that the pipelines used throughout the project needed to be larger and heavier walled to withstand the forces of the deeper water.

To support the high-volume pipeline fabrication operations of the Appomattox project, Tri Tool developed the revolutionary 7-Axis Deep Counterbore System with laser alignment.  

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