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For on-site services done right, faster, the first time, Tri Tool Field Machining Services has you covered.







International Project Locations

  • United Arab Emirates
  • British Columbia
  • Republic of Korea
  • Norway
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Dubai
  • Finland
  • Offshore areas of the Gulf of Mexico, Nigeria and Angola


Pipeline Technique


There when you need us.
Field Machining

When equipment fails, you need an immediate solution. When project timelines are accelerated, you need more manpower. When the right equipment doesn’t exist, you need a bespoke tool made to order.

Whatever the challenge, you can rely on Tri Tool Field Machining Services. We are pioneers of in-situ machining. For more than 50 years, we have worked alongside companies in the most demanding industries, providing a wide variety of services including industrial infrastructure, maintenance programs, equipment installations, emergency repairs and modifications, and new construction.

Our experienced, highly skilled on-site services team respond quickly—mobilizing within 24 hours when necessary—to help you reduce downtime, lower costs, and keep your critical equipment in top condition. As an OEM, we have the most comprehensive range of portable machine tools ready to go; but if we don’t have the right tool, we will quickly modify an existing one or custom engineer a bespoke tool for your specific project.

Wherever and whenever you need us, Tri Tool Field Services will show up ready to work at a productivity rate that exceeds your expectations and with a quality unsurpassed in the industry. We execute with precision and deliver ahead of schedule.

Tri Tool Field Machining Service team supports:

  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Nuclear Decommissioning
  • City Municipals
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Military and Government Contractors
  • Refining, Petro Chemical, Chemical Plants

Field Services Capabilities

Save time and effort with Tri Tool’s pipe severing and beveling services, ideal for pipe maintenance and construction work in nuclear and fossil power plants, pipelines, oil platforms, petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other high purity piping applications.

Pipe Severing - Utilizing cutting-edge equipment and innovative machining processes, our Field Services team can sever all types of materials, including plastics, steel, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, and many other alloys and exotic materials, with absolute precision and squareness. Our equipment line covers a wide range of pipe sizes from 1” to 60, but as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, we have custom engineered solutions to sever 120” pipes for specific applications.

Pipe Beveling – At Tri Tool, we specialize in portable ID and OD pipe beveling machines, and our Field Services team can apply any type of bevel to any degree required for your workpiece positioning system. Our industry-leading pipe beveling tools are specifically designed to operate with low radial and axial clearances, delivering maximum performance and accuracy on pipe sizes from 1” to 60”.
Whether you are dealing with a major plant outage, decommissioning a retired power plant, or working on onshore or offshore pipeline construction projects, Tri Tool offers on-site flange facing services for a variety of industrial applications. Our proven know-how and equipment can be customized to meet the unique and complex requirements of bolted gasket assemblies, such as raised face, flat, recyclable transmission line (RTL) or O-ring style flanges, and can be used with many other applications, including heat exchange channel heads and tube sheets. The sealing surfaces of your smallest to largest flanges can be machined in-place with equipment designed for mounting internally or externally in difficult or tight clearance configurations. With phono-groove, concentric groove, and smooth finishes available, Tri Tool’s flange facing machines are the most reliable, durable, efficient, and precise portable machine tools on the market.
Tri Tool can provide scheduled and emergency boiler maintenance services to satisfy your unique project requirements and time-critical needs. Our services include, but are not limited to, elliptical/round manway resurfacing, tube stub removals, new tube hole inductions for expansion, sidewall header repairs, and mud/steam drum modifications and maintenance. When you hire us for boiler maintenance service, our engineers, shop, and project managers become an extension of your organization. Engineering support, fabrication services, and an expansive tool and machine inventory ensure every job—no matter how tough or complex—gets done quickly, accurately, and safely.
Tri Tool’s state-of-the-art milling machines and attachments enable us to meet even the most precise and complex project specifications. With over 50 years of metal milling experience, Tri Tool’s Field Services team will deliver superior milled components and parts to perfectly match your requirements—from pump and motor bases to machine and structural modifications. Our arsenal of equipment consists of linear flat mill slips and milling attachments capable of meeting radial milling requirements and performing partial full penetration radial weld removal on pipes and valves. We also have single axis vertical milling machines and CNC capabilities for greater precision and efficiency.
At Tri Tool, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in the latest boring and turning machining technologies and processes. Our extensive equipment capacity for boring and outer diameter (OD) turning allows us to tackle designs large in diameter and long in lengths. With minimal high-low and OD match, our equipment ensures faster fit-ups with better weld quality and higher percentages in weld inspections.
Tri Tool provides a variety of window cutting services to meet the unique needs of industrial applications. Utilizing our state-of-the-art cold cutting milling processes, our Field Services team can rapidly remove and replace sections without manual grinding or additional material purchases. We use segmented tracks to connect and conform to any diameter or flat plate surface, and our window cutting ranges from incredibly tight tolerances to large diameters. Whether you need to inspect the internals of a feedwater heater during a planned outage or require emergency services for an unexpected repair, our Field Services team can quickly mobilize on-site, delivering high-precision cuts and ensuring shorter turnaround times.
When it comes to vessel milling, Tri Tool can cut and remove any material of all sizes with precision, speed, and efficiency. Our Field Services team can manufacture track built to the radius of the vessel and we use a spring-loaded OD tracking carriage system to cut a V bevel through the vessel wall while maintaining a consistent weld gap. The system can be also be utilized with a flat track, enabling window cuts in condenser walls.
At Tri Tool, we specialize in turbine machining and repairs for steam, gas, hydro and wind applications. For over 50 years, we have worked with the world’s top turbine and generator manufacturers and power producers, including General Electric, Westinghouse, NextEra Energy, and Exelon Corp. We also service geothermal, petrochemical, and municipal sectors.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, we have ready access to a wide range of portable machines and can quickly develop custom engineered solutions to meet your precise project requirements. With decades of experience and know-how, our field machinists are experts in on-site turbine machining, providing the following services:
  • Machining on rotational energy items, such as the turbine, bearings, housings, and components of the turbine.
  • Machining on the valves, flanges, joints, steam chest, and other components controlling the kinetic energy source of the turbine.
  • Machining on the piping, motors, tubes, vessels, and other components supporting plant operations.
  • Removing and replacing major system components, such as a steam generator, heater change-outs, tube bundle replacements, and performing extended power upgrades, such as turbine and generator upgrades and valve work.
Tri Tool offers a wide range of equipment solutions and services to support the protection and efficient operation of pipelines. Our team of experts is very experienced in pipeline maintenance and understands the sensitive nature of working with in-service pipelines. We have developed special procedures to perform linear casing cuts and our clamshells are engineered to handle any pipe size or material.
Various failures can occur in welds during construction or maintenance of critical piping systems, prompting the removal or “excavation” of the filler weld material. In addition, weld excavations are a great alternative in a weld repair process, as no length of pipe is lost. However, the challenge is to precisely machine away all of the weld material without disturbing the parent pipe material and ending with a well finished surface for the new weld.  With Tri Tool’s state-of-the-art portable machining equipment, our Field Services team can excavate the weld down to the depth of the indications and stay within the weld material to not violate the parent pipe material, saving you time and money in your weld repair project. 
As a leading provider of industrial pipe cutting and beveling clamshell products and services, Tri Tool can take on any task or problem and develop start to finish solutions. Our Elliptical Manway Machine is intended for restoring an elliptical gasket sealing surface and can be operated from inside or outside the manway. The portable machine easily allows for the repair of manway sealing surfaces by removing any steam checks, and manways can be machined true and accurate without grinding. 
To meet the demand for deep counterbore machining of steel catenary risers and critical pipeline construction needs, Tri Tool has designed and manufactured a high-speed counterboring system that eliminates the guesswork on high/low discrepancies and delivers a perfect fit up every time. From a single 6” pipe to a limitless larger bore, the portable high-speed deep counterbore system delivers deep counterbore precision, rapid cycle times, and superior surface finishes. You get a concentric bore quickly and efficiently.

Safety is optimized in this system with incoming and outgoing mechanized pipe handling racks that require no manual pipe handling. Cycle times are optimized with laser-assisted pipe end alignment and rapid machining by dual, seven axis CNC machines equipped with real-time monitoring and the latest safety features. Our Field Services team is trained on manual and CNC equipment to provide you with the most effective solution for your specific project.
Tri Tool has a full line of equipment to induce new holes or expand existing holes by drilling, boring, or reaming deep into the length of shafts and tubes. Our hole induction services are ideal for shafts which require oil or other passages, tight tolerance fits between components, weight reduction, or fabricate tubing. Our process creates extremely accurate circular runout and smooth surface finishes allowing high-speed, dynamic stability and improved wear resistance. We can perform through holes, countersunk holes, socket prep-style holes, thermowell holes, dowel pin holes, and threaded holes through holes and blind holes.
For more than 50 years, Tri Tool has performed on-site valve replacement services for companies in major industrial markets. We have the technology, equipment, and expertise to mobilize quickly and successfully complete any project no matter the complexity. Our on-site valve replacement services include severing and removing the existing valve from the system, inspecting the pipe condition and new valve, and providing specialty machining and custom welding and fabrication to ensure the ends fit perfectly. We have the skill and machines to perform a variety of weld preparations—such as straight, compound, or J-Bevel—on-site and in-place with speed and accuracy. We can also help with replacing a flanged valve by resurfacing the piping flanges to ensure they completely seal with your new valve. 

VIDEO: How Tri Tool Field Machining Services helped the Sauer Group develop a new welding process and stay on schedule

While constructing a new cryogenic gas processing plant in Noble County, Ohio, the Sauer Group relied on Tri Tool Field Services to assist with the on-site welding. Tri Tool developed a new welding procedure specific to this project that enabled welds to be completed in a third of the time, helping the Sauer Group cut costs and stay on schedule.


Field Services Case Study

Field Services Nuclear

Faced with an emergent need to replace a reactor coolant system primary check valve at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, the Tennessee Valley Authority turns to Tri Tool to deliver quality on an expedited time frame.

During a routine outage at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant a nuclear power plant owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) that generates enough power for 1.3 million homes each day plant personnel unexpectedly found that a Reactor Coolant System (RCS) primary check valve needed to be replaced. However, the valve was located in a very congested area that required special considerations due to various radiological conditions.

Find out how Tri Tool mobilized a crew of pipefitters, machinists, and welders within 24 hours to execute a "like-for-like" replacement of the valve with zero safety or performance issues.

Request Case Study

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Orano USA partners with Tri Tool to develop a custom engineered solution to remotely sever underwater jet pump diffusers in Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor vessel

In 2014, the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station permanently shut down. Orano USA, a leading technology and services provider for decommissioning nuclear energy facilities, was tasked in Phase 1 of the decommissioning project to depose a portion of the nuclear reactor pressure vessel and remove...

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Tri Tool receives 2021 Safety Award of Merit from Fabricators & Manufacturers Association

Tri Tool was recently chosen to receive the 2021 Safety Award of Merit from Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA) for an outstanding commitment to excellence in safety.

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FlexJoint™ Replacement on Shell's Bonga Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading Vessel Serviced by Tri Tool

Floating production is the system of choice for all deep-water developments off West Africa to date. The absence of pipelines, the extent of the giant reservoirs and the mild metocean conditions all favor use of spread-moored floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessels.

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