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New Mobile Mechanic

Get your pipe & tube equipment repaired at your site and save serious time and money

Mobile mechanics

Tri Tool’s new Mobile Mechanic program provides expert field repairs at your facility for significantly faster turn-times and less downtime, which helps drive greater productivity and revenue.

Companies today are faced with more demands than ever before. The pressure to produce with less lead times, new technologies, staffing challenges, and unprecedented economic and supply chain constraints have created a perfect storm for engineers and project managers. For the turbo-paced Semiconductor, Life Sciences and Aerospace industries, the additional requirement to maintain extremely high-purity environments, while avoiding downtime, creates additional challenges to keep production at elevated levels without sacrificing an ounce of quality and safety.

These constant pressures are best tackled by leveraging all opportunities to increase productivity via the most advanced and consistently running machinery. To do so requires using the best equipment and maintaining it to optimal conditions. But machines still require maintenance and repairs, and the ensuing downtime can significantly hinder your company’s performance.


Reduce repair turnaround & downtime by up to 90%

Save thousands of dollars on shipping and expedited transit costs

Increase productivity by up to 50%

Your dedicated Tri Tool Mobile Mechanic can repair your pipe & tube equipment in 2-3 days, instead of 20-30 days.

Our Mobile Mechanics can help you minimize downtime by coming to your site to repair equipment as fast as possible, usually within 2-3 days instead of 20-30. The quicker your machines return to being operational, the more productive your facility will remain in meeting customer demand and generating revenue. Our field repairs experts are also trained to inspect and review all your equipment while on their visit, minimizing the risk of future unexpected equipment failures to keep systems running optimally long after we're gone.

Mobile Mechanic also helps fix gaps in productivity, leading to increases in efficiency and revenue

While at your job site, Tri Tool’s Mobile Mechanic field repairs specialists can also provide guidance on machine use to help drive more productivity from your team. This includes custom demos of new tooling for your industry, tutorials on how to get more out of your existing machinery, plus expert workshops on insider techniques and tips—all helping you get more out of your existing equipment and workforce to maximize revenue and reduce costs.

Why switch to Tri Tool Mobile Mechanic field repairs

Minimize downtime: When your equipment needs repairing, sending the machines to an OEM or repair facility can add 20 to 30 days to total downtime. Eliminate the bottleneck and get back to revenue generation quicker by having a Tri-Tool Mobile Mechanic specialist visit your site for more rapid repairs and increased uptime.
Identify preventative maintenance opportunities: Tri-Tool field Mobile Mechanics can also evaluate the condition of your other pipe and tubing equipment - no matter who the manufacturer is -- to identify concerns and cost-effectively mitigate potential failures which could lead to halts in production. Avoid downtime completely with this preventative review and maximize productivity and equipment lifetime.
Mobile mechanics can provide on-site training, guidance, & support: Having a Tri-Tool Mobile Mechanic visit for on-site repairs also allows your team to connect directly with an expert on ways to maximize productivity and get more optimal operation and performance out of your tooling. Your dedicated Mobile Mechanic can provide direct training and technical support during repair visits and guide you on new machine options, improved processes, and insider knowledge to cut, bevel and face like a pro's pro.

Industries and equipment serviced by Tri Tool’s Mobile Mechanic field repairs team


Life Sciences


Power Generation

Oil & Gas

Instead, call the Tri-Tool Mobile Mechanic field repairs team to fix your equipment so you can keep productivity and revenue flowing.

300-Series Tube Facing / Squaring machines
600-Series Cutting & Beveling machines & clamshells
BoilerMaster Boiler & Heat Exchanger machines
200-Series End-Prep Beveling
500-Series Tube Severing machines

For more information, pricing, and to schedule a Mobile Mechanic field repairs site visit, please call 916-288-6100 or email RentalRepairOrders@tritool.com

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