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Recover tooling costs with Tri Tool's easy, cost-effective Resharp Program

Recover tooling costs with Tri Tool's easy, cost-effective Resharp Program

In industries that demand high-purity welding, like semiconductor and life sciences, using fresh, sharp, tool bits with a good leading edge is the key to obtaining repeatable machining precision with high-performance. At Tri Tool, we offer a Resharp Program that provides special coatings and resharpening services for Tri Tool Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tool bits. 

During the first quarter of 2021, our partners and customers in the semiconductor market have sharpened over 100 tool bits, and more than 3,000 new tool bits have been purchased for high-purity welding applications.  

When you order different tool bits, they may not always be the same color. Sometimes, a specific coating may be applied to improve the tool bit’s performance for its intended role. Bits may be a natural metal color, shiny gold, dull or silvery gold, a bluish gray or dark gray. Some tool bits, like the legendary DURABIT squaring bit are always coated. The bottom line is that coatings can be applied to any bits to better satisfy customers’ requirements. 

Our knowledgeable tool bit support staff can assist you with any special request coatings you desire on your tool bit orders. They can sharpen your tool bits for high-quality, precision machining.  The goal of Tri Tool’s Resharp Program is to save our customers money on tooling, but not at the expense of cutting performance or safety. We ensure you get the maximum value from our quality manufactured bits, so you can remain on the cutting edge.  

To learn more about how Tri Tool’s custom engineering and precision machining solutions for semiconductor applications or our Resharp Program, please email Semiconductor@TriTool.com  

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