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For more than fifty years, Tri Tool engineers have developed thousands of custom machines to help our customers save time, reduce costs, and increase revenue for in situ machining, welding, and fabrication applications. We’ve provided special purpose equipment for the most demanding manufacturing applications, such as heat exchanger repair, ship hull machining, rocket manufacturing, ultra-high-purity process fabrication, turbine shaft refurbishment, and so much more.

Tri Tool plays a key role in taking our customers to their next level of performance in their manufacturing process. As your partner, we make the impossible feel effortless and accelerate through your critical path.

If your project is at a standstill due to inadequate tooling and equipment, or if you need a new tool developed so you can innovate faster, contact us and talk about solving your problem. Because if you're in a jam, that's our jam.

When you need a custom machining solution, Tri Tool delivers

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Custom Machining Capabilities

Do you need to perform a machining operation in an area where the operator can’t remain with the tool? Is the safety of your operator in question when cutting? Tri Tool provides custom designs for machining tools to be used in small or harsh environments and operated from a safe location. These custom machines can perform precision machining while providing safety to the operator. Tri Tool has developed remote operated solutions for many industries implementing custom hardware, custom HMIs, and full CNC systems that utilize G-Code commands.

Is there a difficult machining task that you can describe that need a a turnkey system delivered? Do you require a custom designed, built, tested, and supplied precision machining system? Tri Tool has more than 50 years of experience providing turnkey portable, precision machining systems to work in many different environments. All you have to do is provide the machining system requirements and leave the rest to us.

Do you require a multi-axis coordinated motion machining system to be utilized in a unique environment? Do you wish for a CNC mill, lathe, router, or grinder that you can take to a job? Tri Tool specializes in portable CNC machining solutions that can be used in many locations and environments. Our engineering staff is equipped to develop custom CNC machines, program tool paths in MasterCAM, and deliver custom equipment for all your needs.

Do you need a unique system that fits in an irregular environment? Do you have space constraints and special material requirements? Tri Tool specializes in designing around unique space requirements and irregular geometries. We can custom build to your application and provide precision custom machining solutions that meet your needs.

Do you need to remove weld crowns from places that are difficult to reach? Is there a misalignment with the two components welded? Tri Tool has developed many portable machining solutions to remove weld crowns on ID of pipe/tube, OD of pipe/tube, contoured surfaces, and even flat surfaces. We have developed solutions that can track both sides of the weld to accommodate any misalignment and to remove the weld crown without compromising the parent material.

Are your project inspection and measurement requirements proving to be an impossible task with off-the-shelf metrology tools? Tri Tool has more than 20 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of portable nondestructive inspection tools for use in just about any in situ application. Our solutions to your measurement problem can include a variety of measurement technologies integrated in an easy-to-use system designed to meet your unique requirements.Whether you need single feature inspection capabilities for difficult access areas, or an automated tool to measure multiple features and profiles in a single cycle, our engineers have the experience to develop a perfect-fit solution for your application.

Are you wasting time and money setting up a large conventional mill or lathe to machine an irregular shaped component? Halting production for repairs and secondary ops on difficult-to-fixture components is costly and occurs all too often in our industry. Let Tri Tool develop a portable machining solution to handle your problematic machining applications… and skip the cost and headache of cutting into your production manufacturing plans. We will tailor design a portable machine to attach directly to the workpiece and deliver finished product quality comparable or better to a conventional machining center.

Are you using a one-size-fits-all weld joint alignment fixture and struggling to achieve the proper fit-up? Do you need a joint alignment solution that is repeatable, quick to set up, or remotely actuated? Commercial off-the-shelf alignment fixtures can get the job done in most cases, but typically fall far short of expectations for applications outside the norm. At Tri Tool we leverage our 50-year history designing portable work-holding to offer customized OD and ID alignment solutions for any application, large or small. Take out the guesswork, iteration, and variability of your alignment operations with a custom solution built by Tri Tool. 

Tubesheet manufacturing is inherently complex and requires a lot of processes to complete in parallel successfully. Recovering from weld defects, cladding failures, or post-weld tube machining can be very time intensive and difficult to control with conventional metalworking equipment. Tri Tool has the tools you need to complete tubesheet processes efficiently and with substantially lower risk. Need a solution for multiple tubesheet designs, sizes, and variations? No problem! Tri Tool’s collaborative design process will ensure that our solution is adaptable and configurable to meet the full range of your applications.

Are dimensions and profile variables of your fittings slowing down your fabrication? Fittings such as tees and elbows are notoriously difficult to machine or bevel consistently due to variations in their design and how they are manufactured. Large differences in wall thickness, surface features, ovality, sweep radius, and overall precision can translate to poor results and require excessive iteration of set up on a typical bevel machine. Tri Tool has delivered a wide variety of customized solutions to take the hassle and variability out of machining pipe and tube fittings. Whether your application includes just a few fittings or a large range of sizes and shapes, Tri Tool can increase your productivity and profitability with a fitting machining system tailored to your production process.

Case Studies

Case Study: Deep Counterbore System

Customer's Problem: Working on a tight production schedule, the customer needed high production rate on-site deep counterbore machining capability for over 12,000 pipes for use in critical pipeline catenary risers.

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Case Study: Large Diameter Weld Tracks

Customer's Problem: The customer needed to perform welds on 14' and 24' OD vessels. This size is extremely large in the orbital welding sphere. So naturally they turned to the orbital welding experts at Tri Tool Technologies.

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Case Study: 3248 O.D. Pipe Brushing Assembly

Customer's Problem: The customer needed a quick and reliable way to remove rust and scale from pipeline pipes ranging from 120mm to 295mm from the ends. They were using hand grinders with wire cup brushes to do the work and it proved to be very time consuming and labor intensive.

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Case Study: 572AC Front Barrel Support

Customer's Problem: The customer previously purchased two 572AC machines (TT-9064) that were customized to hold shotgun barrels; however, the magazine feed tube underneath the barrel did not limit the depth the barrel could inserted into the collet.

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Case Study: 638 RBL-G2 with TTM

Customer's Problem: The customer needed to cut and prepare approximately 50 pipes in a nuclear power plant for welding purposes. They had 3 different pipe sizes which required a different end prep for each. Due to the customer specializing in trade and services of world-known machinery equipment...

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