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Tri Tool develops and launches the world's most compact, rugged, and agile tube squaring tool

Tri Tool develops and launches the world's most compact, rugged, and agile tube squaring tool
RANCHO CORDOVA — Tri Tool has announced today the development and launch of the new 300STS Series—the world’s most compact, rugged, and agile tube squaring tool. Designed to provide the optimal combination of precision, power and portability, the new 300STS Series helps machinists do more with less.

As precision machining becomes more complex, there are growing demands in the aerospace, semiconductor, and life science industries for cutting tools with greater strength, lower friction, tighter tolerances, higher wear resistance, lighter composition, and absolute accuracy. In addition, these cutting tools are required to improve workflow efficiency while ensuring high-purity machining and lasting durability.

Tri Tool developed the new 300STS Series to meet the evolving demands of precision machining applications. Consisting of the 300STS-1 and 300STS-2, the 300STS Series is unmatched in size, quality, and performance. The 300STS-1 is ultra-light, portable, and the smallest tube squaring tool on the market with 9.5” clearance. With guaranteed, powerful precision within .001”, the 300STS Series delivers lasting accuracy and repeatability, keeping cuts square from day 1 to day 1,000. Proven to maximize productivity and output, the 300STS requires single tool changeouts and tool-less saddle changeovers to eliminate the hassle out of setup and streamline operations.

With the new 300STS Series, machinists can take their work to the rack—not their tubing to their tools. Plus, with wide-range compatibility with all of Tri Tool’s DURABIT tool bits, clean machining for high-purity environments, and Tri Tool’s best-in-class 3-year warranty, the new 300STS Series raises the bar for next-generation tube squaring tools.

Learn more about the 300STS Series, watch tooling demos, and request order information here.

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