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Two major life science companies purchase Tri Tool's Model 300 MICROFACER tube squaring machine

Two major life science companies purchase Tri Tool's Model 300 MICROFACER tube squaring machine

Life sciences, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and research and development industries demand perfect weld preparation for welded tubing systems critical to production. Tri Tool’s 300 Series equipment delivers unmatched precision and flexibility, enabling rapid, accurate, and repeatable results while being easy to transport, set-up, and operate.  

Recently, two major life science companies purchased Tri Tool’s Model 300 MICROFACER tube squaring machine, a quick squaring tool creates the perfect prep for autogenous tube welding. The 300 MICROFACER machines 0.125” to 0.75” OD (3.17 mm to 19.00 mm) tubing and fittings with minimum grip length and variable speed cordless electric drive. Light-weight, portable, and reliable, the 300 MICROFACER is the ideal companion for autogenous orbital welding systems, providing perfectly square ends on cut lengths of tube and fittings. 


Figure 1. Tri Tool’s Model 300 MICROFACER 


Use Case 1: Manufacturer of high-purity, process critical systems 

Headquartered in Massachusetts, a commercial and industrial supplier has been designing and manufacturing high-purity, process critical systems for life science and emerging technologies, including nanotechnology and alternative fuel equipment since the 1980s. Specializing in custom laboratory piping products, the company designs and manufacturers process piping solutions for ultra-high purity applications. To improve workflow productivity, the company purchased Tri Tool’s Model 300 MICROFACER because it can be easily transported throughout the facility and provides precision tube cutting in tight spaces, such as gas cabinets.  

Use Case 2: Leading provider of metal and plastic contract manufacturing services 

Headquartered in Massachusetts, a leading provider of metal and plastics manufacturing for medical devices, life sciences, and alternative energy performs precision tube cutting, squaring, and bending for complex assemblies, specialty piping kits, gas panels and other contract manufacturing processes. The company purchased Tri Tool’s Model 300 MICROFACER to create a perfect prep for their autogenous tube welding. 

To learn more about how Tri Tool’s custom engineering and precision machining solutions and services for life science applications, please complete the form below or email LifeSciences@TriTool.com 

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