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The world’s most compact, rugged, and agile tube squaring tool
that helps you do more with less.


Los Alamos
U.S. Department Of Defense
General Dynamics

Take Your Work To The Rack - Not Your Tubing To Your Tools

To further increase productivity without sacrificing precision, field machinists need portable squaring equipment that can work in tight access areas and streamline operations. Engineered to be powerful, strong, and lightweight, the compact 300STS is unmatched in size, quality, and performance—delivering rapid, accurate and repeatable results cut after cut.
  • Smallest Size
    Ultra-light, portable, with industry-leading access and clearance, the 300STS is the smallest tube squaring tool on the market.
  • Powerful Precision
    Delivering lasting accuracy and repeatability, the 300STS dominates with its rugged build quality and guaranteed precision.
  • Maximize Productivity
    With single tool changeouts, the 300STS cuts the hassle out of setup and operation for greater productivity and output.

New 300STS delivers cutting edge innovation and precision

See the 300STS in action. Designed to provide the optimal combination of precision, power and portability.

New 300STS Best-in-breed quality and design

Through-hardened spindle and bearing surfaces for lasting repeatability
High-quality Timken roller bearings for durable support
Single-saddle design (no more losing saddle parts)
Clean and precise tube end machining: no chipping or marring of ID
Cutting head compatibility with Tri Tool's DURABIT tool bits
Variable speed brushless cordless electric motors
Standard and short perch saddle mounting
Single wrench setup and adjustments
In-line feed with no feed handle obstruction
Best-in-class 3-year warranty

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Specs at a glance

Low clearance access: 9.5" (300STS-1) to 12.3" (300STS-2)
Faces 3.2mm (300STS-1) to 28.6mm (300STS-2)OD tubing
Heavier wall thickness up to 3.91mm (300STS-1)and 5.08mm (300STS-2)
Precision manufacturing within .001" to ensure tube squareness
Exceeds AWS standards: cuts within 7 acrminutes 0.2 degrees of tolerance
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NEW 300STS-2

Get even more power, with wall thickness up to 5.08mm with the 300STS-2
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