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Terramax HPU

The TERRAMAX line of land-based pipeline equipment was designed to provide the performance to tackle your most challenging projects with confidence. The new TERRAMAX hydraulic power unit or HPU follows suit as it offers features that provide versatility. It features an easy two hydraulic hose (+12 VDC) connection. This is made possible when combined with the TERRAMAX PFM’s digital control system that senses and regulates the power demands of both the rotation drive and clamping functions in real time. The TERRAMAX hydraulic power unit has a dynamic graphic power console, which operates relays that reliably direct all hydraulic forces. This means the HPU does not need two separate pumps operating simultaneously. This benefits our customers by significantly decreasing the size and complexity of the HPU system and makes the system much easier to integrate with your existing fleet of excavators, boom trucks or any stationary hydraulic power supply application.

Machine Package
Technical Specifications
Rental/Buy Now
Optional Accessories
Drive Options:Diesel
Machine Package Includes:
  • Model Terramax HPU
  • Operators Manual
  • Hoses, Pendent, and Umbilical not included. Available upon request

Technical Specifications
Property Inches Metric
Fuel Use Ultra-Low sulfur Diesel fuel only (<15 ppm)
(Do Not Use Red Diesel Fuel)
Diesel Fuel Capacity 30 Gallons (113.5 Liters)
Filtration 276 microinches 7 micrometers
Engine Type Tier 4 Final (T4F)  
Hydrauic Fluid Type F  
Hydraulic Reservoir 13 Gallons (49 Liters)
With Oil

3,340 lbs
2,985 lbs

(1515 kg)
(1353 kg)
Power: 74 HP (552 KW)
Pump: 50 gpm at 2000 psi (189.2 LPM at 13789 kPa)
Pressure Relief 2200 psi (15168 kPa)
Length:  70.360" (1787.1 mm)
Width: 48.500" (1231.9 mm)
Height: 71.070" (1805.1 mm)
Hose Length *50 Feet *(15.24 Meters)
Umbilical Length *50 Feet *(15.24 Meters)
*With optional accessory included
Operating Manual - Terramax Diesel HPU
Technical Specification - Terramax Diesel HPU
Optional Accessories
Property Inches Metric
50' Electrical Umbilical 50' (15.24 Meters)
Hose Kit, Terramax 50' (15.24 Meters)
HPU Control Pendant P/N 79-0579  

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