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Pipe/Tube Size:***54.000" - 60.000" (1371.6 mm - 1524.0 mm)
Wall Thickness:**4.630" (117.8 mm)
Drive Options:Hydraulic
Machine Package Includes:
  • Model 660RBL sub assembly 
  • Drive housing and cover
  • Tripper Assembly
  • Motor Assembly
  • Wrench Kit
  • Operators Manual

Technical Specifications
Property Inches Metric
OD Mounting: ***54.000" - 60.000" (1371.6 mm - 1524.0 mm)
Wall Thickness:
Severing With Standard Procedure
Severing and Single Bevel
Severing and Double Bevel
Severing and Beveling With Special Procedures
Severing Thick Wall With HD Tool Block and Sever Kit


(63.5 mm)
(31.8 mm)
(31.8 mm)
(50.8 mm)
(117.8 mm)
Feed Rate: (Per Revolution) .004" (.1 mm)
1120 lbs

(508.0 kg)
Cutting Head Toolbit slots: 2  
Rotating head diameter: 79.500" (2019.3 mm)
Main frame diameter: 72.000" (1828.8 mm)
Machine Width: 7.970" (202.4 mm)
Minimum Air Power requirement:
Single Motor
Dual Motor

95 cfm - 90 psi
190 cfm - 90 psi

(45 L/s) - (621 kPa)
(90 L/s) - (621 kPa)
Minimum Hydraulic Power Requirement: 765RVC HPU  
*With optional accessory included

**For larger wall thickness, contact Tri Tool Inc. for heavier wall procedures

***For tube sizes, contact Tri Tool Inc. 
Operating Manual- 660RBL
Tool Bits
Property Primary Angle Secondary Angle
Optional Accessories
Property Inches Metric
RBL Tool Modules    
600RBL OD Tracking Module Kit    
Counterbore Module Kit (CBM-3)    
Heavy Duty Sever Kit    
Sandvik Carbide Sever Kit    
Template Tracing Module    
Tool Bit Spacer Kit    
Roller Cutter    
Air Caddy (Filter Regulator Lubricator)    

Optional Accessories



  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • 15 HP motor, Variable 22 GPM ( 83.3 LPM), 1800 PSI (12410 kPa)
  • 2 Hose design
  • Electric 3 phase power
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Air Caddy

Air Caddy

  • Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (FRL)
  • Small Air Caddy: <165 cfm
  • Large Air Caddy: >165 cfm
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