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Motor Type

The Model 214B BEVELMASTER™ provides a wide working size range with a single standard mandrel. The open design of the tool holders allows for full viewing of machining operations for simultaneous facing, beveling and counterboring. Torque key adjustment on the mandrel prevents backlash and vibration, providing smoother cutting. A double enveloping worm gear set is used for maximum strength and machine life. The industry workhorse for machines in this class.

Machine Package
Technical Specifications
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Optional Accessories
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Pipe/Tube Size:3.310" - 14.000" (84.0 mm - 355.6 mm)
Wall Thickness:**1.406" (35.7 mm) max
Drive Options:Air
110V Electric
220V Electric
Machine Package Includes:
  • Model 214B Sub. Assembly
  • Tool Holder Assembly (Aluminum)
  • Tool Holder Assembly (Steel)
  • Air Motor Assembly
  • Mandrel Assembly
  • Jaw Block Set
  • Wrench Kit
  • Carrying Case
  • Operators Manual

Technical Specifications
Property Inches Metric
ID Mounting:
Standard Mandrel

"3.310 - 13.688"

(84.0 mm - 347.6 mm)
OD Machining (max): 14.000" (355.6 mm)
Counterboring: 3.328" - 14.000" (84.6 mm - 355.6 mm)
ID Chamfering: 3.328" - 14.000" (113.3 mm - 355.6 mm)
Wall Thickness (max):


**(35.7 mm)
**(33.5 mm)
**(33.5 mm)
Axial Feed Travel: 2.000"  (50.8 mm)
Feed Rate: (Per Revolution) .083"  (2.1 mm)
w/ Air Motor
w/ Electric Motor
w/ Hydraulic Motor

80 lbs
87 lbs
100 lbs

(36.4 kg)
(39.5 kg)
(45.5 kg)
Cutting Head Toolbit slots: 3  
Rotating head diameter: 15.350" (389.9 mm)
Height over motor: 31.000" (787.4 mm)
Machine Width: 10.600" (269.3 mm)
Length over machine: 21.250" (539.8 mm)
Minimum Air Power requirement: 85 cfm
90 psi
(40.1 L/s)
(621 kPa)
Minimum Electric Power: 20A@115V-50/60hz
Hydraulic Power: 3 gpm - 15 gpm @ 1500 psi
15 gpm - 20 gpm @ 1000 psi
(.19 L/s - .94 L/s) @ 10342 kPa
(.94 L/s - 1.265 L/s) @ 6894 kPa
**For larger wall thickness, contact Tri Tool Inc. for heavier wall procedures
Operating Manual: 214B
Techanical Specification: 214B W/ Air Motor
Techanical Specification: 214B W/ Electric Motor 
Technical Specifications: 214B W/ Hydraulic Motor

Optional Accessories
Property Inches Metric
Non-marking, Sleeve Mandrel Kit (Size Specific)
Sleeve Mandrel Kit, 4"-14"
Sleeve Mandrel Kit, 8"-14"


Flange Facer Kit    
Elbow Mandrel Kit            
Adjustable Pin Kit, Elbow Mandrel    
Squaring Plate, Elbow Mandrel    
Pointer Kit, Elbow Mandrel    
ID Tracking Module Kit    
Miter Mandrel Kit    
Squaring Plate, Flange Facer/Miter Mandrel    
Single Point Kit    
Full Function Miter Mandrel    
Dial Indicator Kit    
Stainless Steel Jaw Block Kit    
Spring Hanger Assembly    
Air Caddy (Filter Regulator Lubricator)    

Optional Accessories



  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • 15 HP motor, Variable 22 GPM ( 83.3 LPM), 1800 PSI (12410 kPa)
  • 2 Hose design
  • Electric 3 phase power
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Air Caddy

Air Caddy

  • Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (FRL)
  • Small Air Caddy: <165 cfm
  • Large Air Caddy: >165 cfm
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