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Lightweight, compact design and small diameter cutting heads permit rapid, accurate machining in tight spaces, making it perfect for boiler use in waterwall cutout windows and between boiler panels.

Machine Package
Technical Specifications
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Optional Accessories
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Pipe/Tube Size:*.250" - 2.000" (*6.4 mm - 50.8 mm)
Wall Thickness:**0.400" (10.2 mm) max
Drive Options:Air
110V Electric
 Machine Package Includes
  • Model 201BA Sub. Assembly
  • Air Motor Assembly
  • Wrench Kit
  • Carrying Case
  • Operators Manual
Technical Specifications
Property Inches Metric
OD Mounting: *.250" - 2.000" *(6.4 mm - 50.8 mm)
Wall Thickness (max): **.400" **(10.2 mm)
Axial Feed Travel: .750"  (19.1 mm)
Feed Rate: (Per Revolution) .036"  (0.9 mm)
Weight: 15 lbs  (6.8 kg)
Cutting Head Toolbit slots:  
Rotating head diameter: *1.450"
*(36.8 mm)
*(50.8 mm)
Height over motor: 16.950” (430.5 mm)
Machine Width: 1.450” (36.8 mm)
Length over motor 18.350" (466.1 mm)
Minimum Air Power requirement: 31 cfm
90 psi
(14.6 L/s)
(621 kPa)
Minimum Electric Power @110V  
*With optional accessory included

**For larger wall thickness, contact Tri Tool Inc. for heavier wall procedures
Operating Manual: 201BA W/ Air Motor
Operating Manual: 201BA W/ Electric Motor
Technical Specifications: 201BA W/ Air Motor

Tool Bits
Number Property Dimensions
99-#### Facing 0.0° x .250" Width
99-#### Beveling 37.5° x .250" width

Optional Accessories

201BA Adjustable Saddles

  • Provides manual centering regardless of actual O.D. dimensions
  • Full Range Adjust. Saddle Kit .250" - 2.000"
  • Small Dia. Adjust. Saddle Kit .250" - .600"
  • Large Dia. Adjust. Saddle kit .600" - 2.000"
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201BA Fixed Saddles

  • Provides non-adjustable, fast, accurate self-centering and alignment
  • OD Size specific: .250" - 2.000"
  • OD Size specific:(6.4 mm - 50.8 mm)
  • Saddle Adaptor Kit from Adjustable to Fixed (Required)
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201BA Head Kit

  • Different size heads for radial space constraints
  • (2) Head Sizes available: 1.450" and 2.000"
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Air Caddy

Air Caddy

  • Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (FRL)
  • Small Air Caddy: <165 cfm
  • Large Air Caddy: >165 cfm
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DURABIT®1 tool bits are designed to run at high RPM. Run all the Tri Tool® Model 300 Series squaring machines at full speed.

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