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Cut Tube and Thin Wall Pipe with Efficiency, Precision and Cordless Ease
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The Tube Saw

Get clean, precise cuts with unparalleled accuracy and the flexibility of cordless, ambidextrous operation.
  • Cord-free Versatility
    A rugged, cordless motor coupled with this machine's ambidextrous operation ensures an ease of use that is unmatched by the competition on any shop floor.
    Corded motor option available.*
  • Unrivaled Precision
    At Tri Tool, we know the clean and accurate cutting of tube and thin wall pipe plays a critical role in aerospace, mechanical contracting, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing, which is why we designed THE TUBE SAW with these industries in mind.
  • Robust Construction
    Sealed internal roller bearing prevents wear from debris and hard anodized coatings provide a durable, reliable, and corrosion free performance for the life of your machine.

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Heavy-Duty & Lightweight
Speed & Precision
Versatile Applications

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Cordless motor with corded motor option.
.250" - 6.625" OD [6 mm- 168 mm OD] Cuts tube and thin wall pipe with ease.
Handles up to 0.150" [3.8 mm] wall thickness with a standard saw blade.
Easy-install saw blade system with multiple saw blade types, materials, and designs for every application.
Ambidextrous operation - the interface can be reconfigured for use on either side of the machine, left-handed or right-handed.
Self-centering clamping system provides industry-leading precision and square cuts.
Integrated laser line indicates center of cut on the tube.
Sealed internal roller bearings ensure smooth accurate sever cuts over years of use.
Hard anodized coatings throughout the machine components provide corrosion protection and robustness for the harshest environments.
Best-in-class 3-year warranty.

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