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Todd Fox

Vice President of GLOBAL Sales

Knowledgeable, personable, and the consummate partner for customers with complex challenges, Todd Fox has worked at Tri Tool for 30 years, grinding it out from the shop floor to Vice President of Global Sales. Todd has contributed decades of in-the-trenches expertise to help accelerate the growth of Tri Tool as a world leader in custom engineering and machining.

Under Todd’s leadership, he transformed the organizational structure of the sales team by establishing a greater understanding of Tri Tool’s customer base, prioritizing customer needs, and helping to improve the overall sales funnel and pursuit of higher-yielding sales initiatives. Todd is precisely the kind of leader the sales team needed to scale into a high-performing department. Always lending an empathetic ear, he is also a skilled communicator and industry expert who continues to lead, inspire, and evolve his team. Todd’s drive for industry knowledge and passion for customer development propelled his career success from the beginning.

Almost straight out of high school, Todd was offered an entry-level position at Tri Tool as a Tool Grinder. After completing a course for MAPICS (Manufacturing, Accounting, and Production Information Control Systems), he was promoted to Production Planner & Expeditor, where he focused on material and capacity requirements planning and master planning. From there, Todd started his path in sales as a Coordinator that would follow several promotions over three decades. By 2017, he went from running the international sales side to managing the entire sales fleet as the VP of Global Sales.

From entry-level to an influential executive, Todd’s experience in each stage of his career enables him to provide product and customer insights to continue to elevate Tri Tool’s leadership in the heavy industrial, aerospace and semiconductor industries.

(916) 712-3572

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