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Ashkan Ferozepurwalla

Director of Engineering

Ashkan Ferozepurwalla began his career in machine design and portable machining equipment. He joined Tri Tool's engineering team in 2008 as an Associate Mechanical Engineer. His desire for professional growth coupled with his robotics background allowed him to thrive in developing products for Tri Tool's customers. He quickly embraced Tri Tool's approach to be the industry leader in portable machine tools and their commitment to deliver the highest quality of products. Over the years, Ashkan has been involved with R & D projects producing Tri Tool's off-the-shelf machines as well as custom remote-controlled CNC operated systems. He welcomes the most challenging projects and enjoys working with the Tri Tool team to achieve what some would consider the impossible.

In 2017, Ashkan became the Custom Engineering Manager, overseeing all custom engineered products for Tri Tool. In that role, he began to work with Tri Tool sales to interface with customers and create custom solutions for their applications. His ability to connect with end users and his passion for problem solving made him an effective leader for Tri Tool's custom engineering department. Heading up the engineering team on custom products provided opportunity to further grow with Tri Tool and to innovate and expand his product knowledge. After five years in that role, Ashkan joined the Strategic Leadership Team as the Director of Engineering and now oversees Tri Tool's entire Engineering Department.

Ashkan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Science and Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Classical Physics from University of California, Davis. His prior work experience was in the robotics industry serving both the medical device field and military reconnaissance.

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