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Tri Tool Opens Oil & Gas Headquarters in Houston

Tri Tool Opens Oil & Gas Headquarters in Houston

As the Energy Capital of the World, Houston is home to one of the most demanding oil and gas markets in the country. To keep assets churning and earning, Texas power producers must minimize downtime, shorten maintenance schedules, and optimize performance.

When equipment fails or doesn't exist, you need an immediate partner that is close by and ready to get to work. Tri Tool is proud to announce the relocation of their Texas facility. This new facility is located at the heart of the Houston Energy Corridor, bringing the Tri Tool team closer than ever to their customers. This is an exciting opportunity to better serve the community and provide rapid-response Field Services and deliver MissionBuilt™ solutions to solve the toughest challenges with ease of proximity.  

While Tri Tool has had a presence in the Houston area for years and has served the oil and gas  market for decades, this new location offers greater opportunity for Tri Tool to quickly mobilize service teams and technicians for faster repairs and replacements for planned and unplanned outages. Tri Tool’s experienced, highly trained on-site team is now able to respond within hours, helping to reduce downtime, lower costs, and keep critical equipment online, earning, and in top condition.

As Tri Tool continues to meet the evolving requirements of the expanding oil and gas markets, our team will remain committed to finding new ways to increase field service agility and responsiveness to better serve our customers and the industry. The Houston location is just the beginning of our core mission to deploy quality, innovative solutions.  

Tri Tool New Houston Office
1304 Langham Creek Dr. Suite 212. Houston TX, 77084 
(281) 499-1188
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