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Tri Tool Develops World's Largest Wire Stripper For Industry Leader in Commercial Fusion

Tri Tool Develops World's Largest Wire Stripper For Industry Leader in Commercial Fusion

To meet growing energy demands and combat climate change, a U.S.-based power generation company is on a mission to deliver the fastest path to commercial fusion energy.

At their New England research facility, the company is using revolutionary superconducting technology and developing new types of high-field magnets that better insulate fusion plasma. If all goes to plan, the first-of-its-kind technology will be able to create net energy from fusion.


To reach their goal of commercializing fusion energy within the next few years, the company needs ultra-precise, state-of-the-art machines that enable them to work as efficiently as possible. However, when the company encountered a unique machining challenge, they contacted Tri Tool.

The Customer’s Challenge:
• Needed a machine to strip the end of a 22mm square, stainless steel wire jacket from the wire without damaging the conductor inside.
• The machine had to be flexible enough to accommodate diameters from 0.8 to 1.2m.
• The machine had to cut without spewing metal shavings into the coils, which could cause a short.


Tri Tool developed a MissionBuilt™ solution for the company. Unlike conventional wire strippers, the custom machine developed by Tri Tool is uniquely designed with key features that enhance performance, ease-of-use, and mobility.

• Feeds itself along the wire and forces it past a sever bit to make the cut
• Performs cuts in multiple passes and utilizes a precision feed screw that enables exact control of the cut depth
• Controls the chips and prevents metal shavings from going into the coils

• Employs symmetry in components for easy configuration
• Makes cuts on the OD and ID coils
• Makes cuts on coils wound clockwise and counterclockwise

• Machine travels along the wire through a motor and gearbox system
• Wide speed range of motor and low gearing of gearbox ensure optimal torque and feed rate to cut stainless steel—a material that can harden if not cut properly
• Utilizes a pneumatic cylinder to apply force to the idler wheel to push the cable into the drive wheel and provide the traction needed


To effectively meet the company’s needs, Tri Tool developed the world’s largest wire stripper. Now with Tri Tool’s custom machine, the company can efficiently cut and remove the jacket from the wire without nicking the conductor inside.

Tri Tool’s MissionBuilt Wire Stripper provides:
Greater versatility – Performs fast and reliable stripping of wire diameters from 0.8 to 1.2m and supports cutting of OD and ID coils wound clockwise and counterclockwise
Absolute precision – Enables precise control of depth of cut with a feed screw that prevents advancing too deep
Higher productivity – Delivers a more continuous chip and enhanced mobility that allows operators to work more efficiently

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