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Innovate Faster

In an industry where precision is paramount and agility is advantageous, aerospace companies need a proven, experienced engineering and manufacturing partner to keep you on the cutting edge.


Blue Origin
Lockheed Martin
Northrup Grumman

A Demand for Precision. An Advantage with Agility.

Engine and wing designs are growing in complexity. Automation is transforming production. Aircraft materials are becoming lighter and stronger. And regulatory requirements are tightening. Today’s aerospace manufacturers need to be nimble—they must innovate faster and drive efficiencies while continually meeting critical demands for safety, security, and reliability.  

At Tri Tool, we help you innovate faster. For over 49 years, we have partnered with the world’s leading aerospace companies to design, develop, and manufacture standard and custom tooling and aerospace machining solutions under increasingly tighter timelines, tolerances, and budgets.  

Whether you need a standard machine, custom aerospace machine, a reconstruction of a discontinued part, or on-site field services, Tri Tool is your partner in innovation, helping you increase productivity, reduce downtime, and accelerate results.  

Custom Machining

Custom-engineered to solve unique problems, custom machining solutions provide the highest degree of performance and quality. 

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Built with reliability and for performance, day in and day out. PurposeBuilt solutions are the workhorses that get things done. 
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Aerospace Case Study

Aerospace Machining

Leading manufacturer of reusable rockets uses custom precision micro-boring system from Tri Tool for difficult-to-reach weld root penetration

One of the world's most innovative private aerospace manufacturers, was fabricating a two-part small diffuser nozzle weldment at their Hawthorne facility when engineers noticed a small but significant problem. The arc welding process they were using had left a weld root penetration inside the nozzle chamber. If not removed, the weld root penetration would disrupt the flow of fluid and compromise the nozzle's performance.

Discover how the private aerospace company avoided redoing its entire fabrication process by working with Tri Tool to design and develop a custom tube squaring machine to remove the difficult-to-reach weld root penetration.

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Our tool configurator will walk you through the process of selecting the proper tool.

Aerospace News

Tri Tool pledges $1 million to Workshops for Warriors, helping veterans pursue manufacturing careers

Each year, many of the more than 200,000 people leaving the U.S. military struggle to find meaningful, living-wage careers in the civilian workforce. Veterans are 37% more likely to be underemployed than non veterans. Tri Tool is helping Workshops for Warriors change that.

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Make or Break: A New Way of Thinking About Precision Machining Safety

How machining automation can significantly reduce workplace injuries and workers' compensation claims.

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Tri Tool develops and launches the world's most compact, rugged, and agile tube squaring tool

Tri Tool has announced today the development and launch of the new 300STS Series the world's most compact, rugged, and agile tube squaring tool. Designed to provide the optimal combination of precision, power and portability, the new 300STS Series helps machinists do more with less.

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Reaching new heights: how new trends are accelerating innovation in the aerospace manufacturing industry

When it comes to innovation in aerospace manufacturing, it isn't just about speed - it is about precision, safety, and creative problem-solving.

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Leading commercial space company trusts Tri Tool technology because it cuts Inconel tube "better than anything else"

Leading commercial space company trusts Tri Tool technology because it cuts Inconel tube "better than anything else"

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