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Laser Dimensioning System (LDS)

Tri Tool’s Laser Dimensioning System (LDS) was designed to measure open-ended pipes using laser sensors as the measuring device for OD, ID, and wall thickness. The laser sensors measure displacement (position) against a target (surface of the pipe) without requiring contact with the surface. This gives users the ability to accurately and rapidly scan pipe ends for the best weld fit up.

Machine Package
Technical Specifications
Rental/Buy Now
Optional Accessories
Pipe/Tube Size:8.000" - 20.000" (203.2 mm -508.0 mm)
Drive Options:Electric
Machine Package Includes:
  • Laser Dimension Tool 
  • Laser Dimension Controller
  • Umbilical
  • Case
  • Wrench Kit
  • Operators Manual
Technical Specifications
Property Inches Metric
ID Mounting: 5.625" - 17.800" (142.9 mm - 452.1 mm)
Measurements: (Per Revolution) 720  
Accuracy: +/-.002" +/-(.05 mm)
Scan time: 30 seconds  
Setup time: 30 seconds  

34 lbs
25 lbs

(15.5 kg)
(11.3 kg)
Rotating head diameter:
Small Diameter
Large Diameter


(538.0 mm)
(706.0 mm)
Length: 40.000" (1016 mm)
Minimum Electric Power requirement: 2.4A@100V
*With optional accessory included

Optional Accessories
Property Inches Metric
Calibration Block    

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