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Unique challenges call for unique solutions


United State Department of Defense
Lockheed Martin

Customized Solutions Built for Your Mission

When you're faced with the unconventional, you need an unconventional partner who can deliver custom engineering.

Your Mission is not Standard

Conquer your mission with Tri Tool custom machining machines and services. Can’t find an off-the-shelf solution to your difficult machining application? Are remote and hard to access locations increasing the risk of your project? Our bespoke engineered solutions address the unique challenges that our customers face every day. 

Don't Compromise

Your mission does not compromise, and neither should your manufacturing equipment.  Our custom machining machines are designed to meet 100% of your requirements. Through thorough testing and performance verification, the integrity of our solution is not left to chance. 

Manage Your Risk

We provide risk-adverse Cradle-to-Grave project management and customer support, a dedicated engineering point-of-contact, and full project management with milestone approvals and design presentations to fit your schedule.

Custom Machining Solutions Delivered


Years of Service
to our Customers


Unique Consumable Tool Designs

The Tri Tool Experience

We listen to your needs and to collaborate with your team to fully understand, and conquer, the challenges you face.

We ask about specialty alloys, hardness, coatings and cladding that may be relevant for your application.  

We will also ask about space constraints and throughput needs. We will ask about business goals and targets.  

By the end of our Collaborate phase, we understand what is going to make you a success for your customer. 

Innovation is at the core of every MissionBuilt project.  The Tri Tool Team takes the technical information about your application and goes to work.  

We evaluate your technical goals with your business goals and work with you to develop a conceptual design.  

We will perform calculations, evaluate material types, measure weight, and create electrical schematics to create your solution.

With the design complete, we will begin the build.  

Our team is transparent about your solution’s progress as we accelerate through the production process.

Most production will be completed in our Manufacturing Center of Excellence located in northern California.

During the project we continue to partner with you to address any additional scope as well as keep you informed of the project.

Customers are invited to participate in our Factory Acceptance Testing in person or through a video conference. 

Our modular equipment configurations provide for ease of installation and demobilization.

We provide innovative solutions for Ultra-Confined Spaces using Advanced internal line-up clamps for pipe, compliant machine work holding such as vacuum pads, 3D printed soft pads and custom fit contact parts.  

We will ship the solution from California directly to your project site. 

Always at your side, our team remains your partner through the entire lifecycle of your MissionBuilt solution.

As your application evolves, we work with you to develop modernizations.

We offer training for your personnel on equipment or will send our experienced Field Services team to operate on your behalf.

We continue to collaborate and begin the process again. 

Innovative Equipment

Innovation is at the core of every custom machining project. We design tools to solve the toughest challenges.

ID Weld Inspection System

Portable Machine Tool Expertise

Our portable In Situ machining solutions include milling/turning, boring, grinding, underwater operations, remote operation, automation, and CNC control. 

Spatially Challenged Machining Solutions

We provide innovative solutions for Ultra-Confined Spaces using Advanced internal line-up clamps for pipe, compliant machine work holding, 3D printed soft pads, and custom fit contact parts. Modular equipment configurations provide flexibility in every atypical application.

We Are Not Afraid Of Any Exotic Materials

No material is too exotic. We are experts in machine design for portable machining of special alloys, high hardnesses, coatings, and clad surfaces.

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