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Onsite Construction Services Onsite Construction Services Onsite Construction Services

When your project or maintenance schedule calls for onsite machining services, call TRI TOOL INC., the company that provides you with the most options. With Tri Tool you determine the balance of services and customer involvement necessary to best complete your work. We can bring our technicians and equipment onsite and perform all the machining "hands-on". If your site requires craft labor to perform the work, we will provide equipment and technical support to assure things go smoothly. We can also train your crews on equipment that has been leased or purchased for your project.

The Tri Tool Advantage

As an original equipment manufacturer, we back our equipment with a large spare part inventory and complete factory support. Our service division has our full product range of equipment to draw from, as well as specialized tooling to address any application. Our experienced field technicians arrive equipped with the latest and most reliable equipment available. When you think about all of your options, Tri Tool is the right choice for your onsite machining requirements.

Pipe Severing and Beveling

Tri Tool maintains a large inventory of clamshell pipe lathes for in-line severing and beveling. Internal mount beveling machines are available for weld preparation of piping, valves, fittings, and other related components. All equipment is lightweight, with low radial and axial clearances, yet easily machines heavy-wall pipe.

Flange Facing

Your smallest to largest flanges can be machined in-place, with equipment designed for mounting in difficult or tight clearance configurations. Equipment is available for resurfacing of raised face, heat exchanger channel heads, tube sheets, and other similar applications. All machining is performed to meet applicable industry specifications.

Code Welding

Tri Tool has added certified welding services to their wide range of onsite service support under the new name of Tri Tool Thermal Services℠. Now the excellent customer service that has made Tri Tool a world recognized machine tool manufacturer can assist with all of your onsite machining and welding requirements.

Onsite Construction Services

Pipeline Services

  • Pipeline Beveling and Facing Equipment in high-speed production applications for land based and offshore environments.
  • Deep Counterbore Products - a must for offshore applications.
  • High-Speed Sever Machines for when it needs to be cut fast.
  • Internal Line-Up Clamps providing superior fit-ups for the welding process.
  • Certified Techs with Offshore Safety and Survival Training.

Header and vessel modifications

Field proven equipment has been developed for fast and repeatable header tube stub removal and hole preparation. We can bore and prep holes for adding additional tubes to steam and mud drums.

Boring Procedures

Tri Tool Inc. performs boring operations for power generation applications such as nozzles, gamma plugs, pipe wall reduction and thermowells. A wide variety of equipment and mounting options are available to meet your needs.

Specialty Machining

We provide equipment and experienced manpower for uncommon onsite machining requirements such as facing elliptical manway gasket sealing surfaces. We regularly utilize our Research and Development staff to design and create solutions to unusual or one-of-a-kind field machining applications.

Technical Training Support

We have the flexibility to provide the services that fit your needs, from turnkey subcontract machining, to training of your personnel, and equipment leasing. Factory trained technicians can assist your craft personnel throughout a project, providing equipment and tooling recommendations as well as ongoing maintenance of equipment to keep your project running smoothly.

The Tri Tool Commitment

When you contract with Tri Tool to provide field machining services or equipment, you can rest assured that our first priority is completing the job correctly and on time. Our regional representatives are always available for you to discuss the changing needs of your project.

Safety Training - Field Service Technicians

Tri Tool Inc. begins training of its Field Services Technicians at the factory with hands on training of all aspects of our standard equipment line. They learn the ins and outs of beveling machines ranging from under 1" diameter to 30" and above. Each technician is instructed in the proper rigging, set up and operation of clamshell lathes from our 2" diameter models up to machines capable of severing 60" heavy wall pipe. The skills training covers other, more specialized applications such as flange facing, hole boring, header tube removal. Our technicians learn about tool bit geometry and theory of design.

Tri Tools' Injury and Illness Prevention Program also requires each employee to be trained in how to perform their job safely. We put all of our field service personnel through an in depth training program which covers all aspects of jobsite safety. Every Tri Tool technician is trained in the following areas:

  • Code of Safe Practices for Field Services
  • Safe Driving
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Confined Space Entry & Permit Programs
  • Hazardous Materials & Employee Right to Know
  • Process Safety Management
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Safety
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Scaffolding Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Personal Protective Equipment Maintenance

Our Safety Program doesn't stop with training either. Our technicians conduct a daily jobsite safety evaluation, which is documented in writing. We provide our technicians with timely and informative Toolbox Safety Memos to cover subjects that are important to our everyday work.

Tri Tool maintains an exhaustive inspection and follow-up program for newly discovered hazards. We also strictly enforce jobsite specific safety training from our customers and facility owners along with documentation of the same. Our record of not having accidents in the construction industry speaks for itself.

Onsite Construction Services

A complete list of Tri Tool's customer support services offered at each of our regional offices.

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